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#1 Guide to Profitable Growth on Meta

If you own an e-commerce store, this guide will transform your business!

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Did you know?
Ad Spend on Meta has increased over

Over the last 10 years
How does this statistic
impact YOU?
🏆 Crazy Competition

Businesses with deep pockets, like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Temu, etc, have joined the fray, driving up CPMs without expecting payback.

💰 Increased Costs

With more competition comes higher costs to achieve our objectives. Long gone are the days of $5 conversions.

Are you afraid competition on Meta will stunt your growth?
icon We have the keys to your
success held in this guide

Here’s how to know if this guide is for you:

Who this guide is NOT for:
  • ❌ Beginner ad buyers who need help with analytics set up and fundamentals
  • ❌ Marketers and owners who are not willing to learn and implement our simple guide
Who this guide IS for:
  • ✅ E-commerce companies
  • ✅ Marketers and owners with some experience advertising on Meta
  • ✅ Brands frustrated with costly or limited growth on Meta
Calculations to Make Ads Profitable:
  • ✅ How to calculate contribution margin
  • ✅ Equations to ensure your Meta ads are always profitable
How to Set Up Campaigns:
  • ✅ Campaign Types
  • ✅ Audience Targeting
  • ✅ Bid Settings
  • ✅ Attribution Settings
Why You Need Hero Product:
  • ✅ Understanding your products’ specific LTV
  • ✅ How to Pick a Hero Product
How Creative Impacts Profitability and Performance
  • ✅ How to Develop Creative
  • ✅ Creating High Volume of Creative
  • ✅ Picking Creative Winners
The Results
This brand reduced their CPA by 31%
while increasing ad spend by 71%.

This fundamentally changed the brand. BEFORE they were losing money on each purchase. AFTER they were profitable on each purchase and can now scale more.

Are you facing the following problems with your Meta Ads?
  • ❌ Can’t Calculate True ROI
  • ❌ Losing Money Acquiring Customers
  • ❌ Can’t Scale Ad Account

Our Guide Can Help 👇👇👇

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#1 Women-Led Digital Innovator by Clutch
Premier Advertising Agency in Los Angeles Clutch Leader Awards
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SeedX is an award-winning agency that provides an end-to-end strategy and execution solution for all digital marketing channels across the customer journey.

We apply our digital skills to core business fundamentals to focus on growing your company; in other words, we don’t just consider our area of expertise – we consider integral strategic elements like your company’s specific budget and costs, past performance, and key goals when building and executing on growth.

We have helped many e-commerce and consumer goods companies scale profitably from producing no revenue to millions of dollars on Meta’s platforms and beyond.


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#1 Guide to Profitable Growth on Meta
What’s included:
  • Calculations to Make Ads Profitable
  • How to Set Up Campaigns
  • Why You Need a Hero Product
  • How Creative Impacts Profitability and Performance
  • Access Our Favorite Tools

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